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Exchange Policy

How to Exchange

Only qualified wigs can be exchanged. When you want to exchange the wigs, please contact us first of all the problems for you, we will do our best to solve it. If your problem cannot be solved, no communication, we will be happy to accept it and add your name in our exchange system. Then you can send the project back to our specified address. There has been no contact exchange will charge the poundage of 10%.

1) If you are not happy with the wig, you can exchange the eligible item for FREE! will waive the return shipping charges for the first time. If you need to exchange the eligible item twice or above, all other extra fees including postages are on you. Our postage and handling are about $10-$20. 
2) The same shipping information and shipping method submitted with your original order will apply for your exchange order, unless specified. 
3) Any balance remaining after your exchange will be refunded to the PayPal account submitted with your original order.

Expedite the Exchange Process (Cross-ship)

Need your exchange product now?  Place a new order online or email ,we will immediately shipment of your new products.